This isn't supposed to happen here, is it?

Contract truck driver Kara Leigh Neff was caught stealing gift cards from resident's mail. A more complete story is available at KKCO NEWS11. Authorities were alerted when a Grand Junction couple attempted to mail daughter, in California, a $100 gift card as a birthday present. That card never reached the west coast. The daughter reported that she had never received that card. Luckily, it looked like the parents wrote down the card ID information. They called Target and was told that that card had already been used. One day after they mailed it. That seemed fishy.

The post office was able to track the route and pinpoint the culprit. Kara Lee Neff. Her job was to transfer mail from the processing facility in Grand Junction to locations across Mesa County. That happened to include the spot where the Target gift card was mailed from.

The accused was also involved in a shoplifting case back in 2006.

Neff has been sentenced Tuesday in federal court. She received one-year probation and ordered to pay back $200 restitution.

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