The Mesa County Jail is experiencing overcrowding and as a result, could cause some serious issues.

Jails were not designed to house as many people as they are currently. That means, more people are being put together in small spaces, and this is where problems come from.

Currently, there are 570 inmates in the jail. Last year at about the same time, there were 463. Since there are no cells available, inmates are sleeping on pads on the floor. Unless they run out of them, which has happened on more than one occasion. The Mesa County Sheriff's office is looking to expand the jail, as well as the holding area to allow for more room.

According to KJCT, expanding the jail will go before the county commissioners and they will decide how funding for the expansion will be handled. For detailed information on this issue, visit

Yes, those in jail have broken the law, but that doesn't mean they should be subjected to substandard facilities or no room. And expanding the jail will at least give them additional space for the inmates who, honestly, have nowhere else to go.

Source: KJCT

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