Deborah Salazar was minding her own business, making her lunch when she heard the 'Cash Cow Sounder', called in, and instantly won $1,000.00 cash.

That was the way it unfolded at 11:00 this morning. By 3:20 this same afternoon, Deborah was able to come by the studio and collect her $1,000.00.

We've been doing this all month long, and we're not done yet. Coming up tomorrow, Wednesday, November 25, you have two more chances to win. We'll be taking Thanksgiving and Black Friday off, but we'll resume on Monday.

This Monday, November 30, will conclude the month-long contest made possible by your friends at Fidelity Mortgage. Thanks to them, two people a day, every weekday for the entire month of November, have pocketed $1,000.00 each.

The month isn't over yet, so join us over the next few days for your chance to be the next "Cash Cow" winner.