We've completed our huge Tropical Nights: Boots in the Sand contest, and it's been truly amazing to get the over-the-top-excited reactions from our winners. We sent one winner each day for two weeks on a four-day, five-night vacation adventure, and to see Billy Currington, Dierks Bentley, Jana Kramer, and Brantley Gilbert, in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

So far, so good.

We're so glad to be sending these fine folks to Riviera Maya from February 23 to 27 – and all the more excited to pick the rest of the winners. Scroll down to meet the winners and buy your own trip to Boots in the Sand!

Debra Saltarelli

Boots in the Sand Winner Debra Saltarelli
Townsquare Media

Debra simply would not believe us when we told her she won a trip to Riviera Maya. "I... I... Are you positive this isn't a joke?"

Kathy Reinhardt

Boots in the Sand Winner Kathy Reinhardt
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When we told her Kathy she won, she couldn't stop laughing. "Oh, seriously?! Oh, that'll be awesome."

She was quiet for a second and then screamed, "Yeah!"

Christine Mercer

Boots in the Sand Winner Christine Mercer
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"Oh my gosh, you're kidding me!" Christine said when we called her up. "I'll probably take my husband – but ask me after I go."

Chelsey Stallings

Boots in the Sand Winner Chelsea Stallings
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Chelsey is a soon-to-be college graduate who could not contain her excitement when we told her she won. "Oh my God, are you serious?! Wooohooo! Oh my God. This is the best news ever!"

It's perfect timing, too. "I graduate December 14 from college, and I said to my family, 'All I want for Christmas is to go to this.'"

Who is she most excited to see? "I love Billy Currington."

Joseph Notaro

Tropical Nights Boots In The Sand Contest Winner Joseph Notaro
Townsquare Media

Joseph Notaro is an electrician – not to mention a huge Dierks Bentley fan. When we told him he won a trip to see Dierks, along with Jana Kramer, Billy Currington, and Brantley Gilbert, he just about flipped. "Amazing – my heart's pounding out of my chest!"

"Probably better than the Powerball!" he added.

Alice Johnson

Boots in the Sand Winner Alice Johnson
Townsquare Media

When we told Alice, her excitement – and laughter – was amazing! She doesn’t know if she’ll take her husband (even though he's "hardcore rock and roll") or her daughter with her to Riviera Maya. "I absolutely love it – yes I do!" She’s a BIG country music fan – going all the way back to Johnny Cash!

Robert Knight

Boots in the Sand Winner Robert Knight
Townsquare Media

When we called up Bob Knight, he was so excited, he went so far as to sing a line from Billy Currington’s "Hey Girl." He doesn't know any Dierks Bentley lyrics… yet.

His reaction to winning was simple: "Woohoo!"

Kelly Villa

Boots in the Sand Winner Kelly Villa
Townsquare Media

Kelly breathlessly explained the one thing she knows she'll do on her trip to Mexico: "Drink by the pool."

She screamed, but kinda quietly. "I didn't want to hurt your ears!" she explained.

Lorrie Van Tassle

Lorrie went so far as to invent some new words when we told her she won. "Oh, that is crazycool. Oh my gosh!"

Sean Huffmeyer

"The only thing I've ever won was a pack of some cleaning stuff," Sean proclaimed when we told him he was going to Riviera Maya to see Boots in the Sand.

"That's great news."

Want to join this hallowed legion of winners? Enter the contest for your chance to win.

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