In light of the twelve boys and their coach who were rescued by Navy Seals, we wanted to introduce you to some local heroes and tell you a bit about what they do.

Mesa County Search and Rescue is an all-volunteer group that was started with nothing more than a CB radio and a few Sheriff posse members. It's now a nonprofit with a large number of individuals and groups. While assistance is given by the Mesa County Sheriff's Office, Search and Rescue is entirely voluntary.

Within the organization are various special teams who perform specific duties in search and rescue operations. They all train in their specialty in their own time and use their own equipment. The teams also provide support for their teams with the incident command. Let's meet the teams.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Posse is responsible for ground searches on horseback. In addition to those duties, they are also involved in the community in a variety of areas like parades, C.P.R.A. rodeo and more.

These highly trained volunteers handle the high angle rescues like those that occur from time to time with rock climbers or accidents on the Monument, for example.

Ground search and rescue is provided by the ground team. Ground team members must have basic first aid certification as well as pass annual tests like a fitness hike, a backcountry navigation test using only a map and a compass and other tests. They also offer support to other teams.

They also utilize K-9 teams, snow search teams, ATV search teams, a jet boat team for water rescues along with a dive team, and of course a communication team for keeping them all in touch.

If you think you would like to be a part of this wonderful group of dedicated people, upload the application and get started. Keep in mind, though, you will undergo rigorous training to keep your skills sharp and keep you searching!

By the way, who do you think puts the flag up on the monument every year?

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