Playing in the great Colorado outdoors is great fun for thousands of people, but there are inherent dangers that come with winter recreation. Having a team of well-trained rescue dogs is a tremendous asset.

Avalanches are a regular part of the winter season in Colorado, and everyone knows they can be deadly. Breckenridge has six rescue dogs on staff. In this

You never know when their services will be needed, but Breckenridge is ready for disaster with six rescue dogs on staff. In this video, you can meet Tali, Boudreaux, and Ayup.

Quickly reaching and finding an avalanche victim buried under the snow is essential to avalanche survival. These rescue dogs are quick and nimble in the snow, and their keen sense of smell can locate humans buried in the snow that otherwise could go undetected by rescuers.

Watching these dogs working at Breckenridge ski area is fascinating, besides the fact they are simply adorable.

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