When Maren Morris filmed her guest-star episode of Sesame Street early last month, she brought husband Ryan Hurd along for a very good reason: It happened to be his 31st birthday. The result was, as she said, "hands down the best birthday Ryan Hurd could have," posting a video clip of the Muppets serenading Hurd as proof positive.

Now fans can see the episode in its entirety, as Morris has announced it will air Saturday (Dec. 28) at 9AM ET on HBO. Swipe on her post above to revisit the sweet birthday song that delighted Hurd during the taping.

The fact that Morris and Hurd are currently expecting their first child—a baby boy who will, most likely, someday be watching Sesame Street himself in the near future—makes the episode even more special for the couple. "We cannot wait to someday show our little one it," Morris notes. Nothing cooler than seeing Mom and Dad on your favorite TV show, right?

Morris and Hurd met as country songwriters in Nashville and married in March of 2018. The happy couple announced their pregnancy via an Instagram photo, with Morris mentioning "another Aries" in the family, meaning she's likely due sometime in late March or early April. Morris, who was sure the baby would be a girl, was surprised to find out that she was carrying a son instead. "We're just so excited to meet him," she has said.

Morris has been sharing pregnancy updates on her social media accounts, including a heartwarming video of her baby boy waving in the womb. "That was a real thing," she shared about the sonogram video. "It wasn't animated!"


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