Maren Morris has been hard at work on her second album for most of this year, and she's shared some behind-the-scenes photos of her recording sessions and small snippets of new songs. But it seems the release of MM2 in its entirety is imminent — Morris recently traveled to London to share the project with special fans.

"Last night I rented a flat and got to share several songs from my 2nd record with 25 fans in London," Morris explains via Instagram. "We got to talk about my inspiration behind each song, their favorites and eat hot chicken. suffice it to say, we’re all stoked."

Morris was able to connect with fans face to face during the Nov. 27 album party, and she opened up about what that meant to her in a video also shared on her social media.

"I feel relieved because I have already, obviously, made up my mind about all these songs and that took long enough. It took even longer to record them and mix them," she says. "To have innocent ears in complete purity listen to them without any politics involved or publishers, or whatever. That was the first time, just pure fans, were listening to those songs for the first time."

Footage shows the burgeoning superstar just hanging out with her fans, hugging them and being grateful they came to listen to her sophomore project ahead of its TBA release. They appreciated it, too.

"You made my year," one fan gushed. Another said she was in tears listening to the new songs.

Not too much is known about Morris' second album, and fans who attended have been tight-lipped. The "The Middle" hitmaker performed a new song called "To Hell and Back" recently in concert and shared some of the assumed lyrics on social media: "'... a pearl without the pressure wouldn’t be a pearl at all."

It was just in April that Morris revealed that she was working on her second album. She has indicated that the album will include two collaborations, and though she didn't name them, in an interview she remarked that her dream duet partners include Carrie UnderwoodEd Sheeran and Bruno Mars.

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