Maren Morris and husband Ryan Hurd sought couple's therapy to keep their relationship on track after a particularly extensive tour put a strain on their relationship, she tells Esquire.

When Morris opened up for ex-One Direction member Niall Horn on his world tour in 2018, it was more touring than she had ever done internationally, and things were stressful. She and Hurd had just married in March of 2018, and the tour followed pretty soon after.

"It was probably the hardest part of our relationship," the "Girl" hitmaker recounts to Esquire. "We went on our honeymoon, and then I immediately went on this gigantic tour opening for Niall Horan. It was more international touring than I had ever done. And I was gone more than I had ever been on any other tour."

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Morris admits that getting married made her want to improve on a personal level and "figure out why I do the things I do." So, the couple went to therapy together.

"And, for my own mental health, as I go deeper and deeper into this world of music, I need another outlet besides writing songs to get out what I'm feeling," she says.

"It was a tough summer," she admits, still recalling the Horan tour. "But we have grown so much closer because we had to make some hard decisions and have some tough talks about what this future looks like and how we can make this better. I have always loved him, but I feel like I like him in ways I never knew I could before." This shows especially in Morris' new song which she co-wrote with Hurd, "The Bones," which is about how a relationship can go through turmoil but still weather and be better for it.

Hurd is both a songwriter for other artists and an artist himself, but his touring schedule is primarily stateside. "He's always been the guy to come to me," Morris shares, "Now, I'm gonna have to be the girl coming to him."

Hurd will come to her for their one year wedding anniversary on March 24, however — Morris' Girl: The World Tour will have a day off in San Francisco, and the newlyweds plan to trolley hop and celebrate their love.

Kids are hopefully in their future too, Morris says, but don't look for Hurd babies to come soon. In her words, "Talking about the possibility of having kids, I would like our minds to be as doctored up before we bring another person into the world."

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