The "Make My Day" law doesn't extend to vehicles.

A man in Denver is being charged with first-degree murder after shooting and killing a man who was breaking into his car in Denver.

Around 4 A.M. Friday the car's owner, Brice Fitch, 24 found men breaking into his car in Denver and the altercation ended with Fitch shooting an as yet unidentified man.

Colorado's "Make My Day" law was designed to protect homeowners and occupants from anyone who enters the dwelling unlawfully. The law does not cover the use of deadly force to protect property such as vehicles.

The shooting occurred in the 300 block of South Jasmine Street in Denver, yet the man who was shot was found in Aurora, dead in a vehicle. Police are not sure how the man got to Aurora, and are investigating further.

Fitch, who has no criminal history is being held without bond. Authorities state if you find someone breaking into your vehicle to call the police, not shoot them.

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