A man in Fort Collins who was freed on a $300 bond for having over 6,000 files of child pornography was arrested for sexually assaulting at least one child while on bond.

Joshua Struna, 31 was arrested in 2018 for child pornography after police found over 6,000 disturbing pictures and videos of young children. He paid the $300 bond and, for the last ten months has walked around a free man.

How does someone with a past like his end up with such a small bond? No one is quite sure as charges of this nature are normally in the thousands of dollars. Struna was charged with Sexual Exploitation of Children which is a Class 3 Felony and Sexual Exploitation of Children, a Class 4 Felony charge.

As a result of such a small bond, Struna was able to go after at least one more child, and he did.

So, ten months after being freed on such a skimpy bond, Struna is once again behind bars.

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