A 38-year-old man was arrested last week, after he was found painting hate symbols around Fort Collins.

On Sunday (April 11), Fort Collins Police received a report of a man who was seen painting symbols on public surfaces in the 2200 block of South College Avenue.

Officers located the male, now identified as James Ryan, near the area in which the incident was reported. They discovered that he had used nail polish to paint swastikas on light poles and street signs in the shopping complex, and he was subsequently cited for his actions.

No vehicles or personal property were vandalized.

Following the incident, Fort Collins Police Chief Swoboda released a video in which he thanked the witness for calling in what they saw. In addition, Chief Swoboda emphasized that Fort Collins Police Services stands with the community against any actions or symbols of hate. FCPS also alerted their federal partners about the 38-year-old suspect and what occurred, in order to make sure he remains on their radar.

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