This past weekend I wrapped up a fantastic vacation and was flying back to Grand Junction out of Denver and noticed the flight was completely full which seemed a little odd on a Saturday night at 9:00 p.m. Like always we had some time to spare before our flight took off and overheard many passengers talking about the travel issues that had been dealing with all day. And most were describing the same issue, their final destination of the Montrose Airport had been shut down due to a parts failure. This unexpected issue created a problem for almost all passengers flying into or out of the Montrose Airport on both Saturday and Sunday.

After getting more information from the Montrose Airport it was a part of the Weather Reporting System that is no longer working, which they have no control over. But due to standard operating procedures, most airlines will not land flights if they cannot get all of the necessary information they require.

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With the work being done by the National Weather Service the Montrose Aiport just has to wait for the job to be completed. With no exact ETA, more and more passengers were getting frustrated with the situation.

Many people on my flight on Saturday night were relieved to get to Grand Junction. You then saw lots of people working together to get rental vehicles and drop off passengers who were going to be in the same areas. It was truly great to see people working to get through the frustration instead of getting furious about it. Although, I would have understood the anger in that situation too.

If you want to stay up on the situation, check their Facebook page here. Their last update stated everything should be back in full operation for today, Monday, February 22nd.

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