I was lucky enough to talk to both Miss Colorado and Miss Teen Colorado this past weekend at Country Jam. Here's some makeup tips and tricks from Miss Colorado and Miss Teen Colorado.

Both Miss Colorado and Miss Teen Colorado -- are Chloe's. Miss Colorado, Chloe Brown, and Miss Teen Colorado, Chloe Zambrano, are both from Western Colorado.

Miss Colorado is from Grand Junction and doesn't usually wear makeup on a daily basis. Chloe Brown spends most of her time in the OR and hospitals.

Miss Colorado's Tips and Tricks

Wear foundation with SPF. It's especially helpful when you're spending lots of time at outdoor events. Like the one we were at, Country Jam.

Miss Colorado's Favorite Product

Thayers Witch Hazel Toner keeps her skin clean and refreshed.

Miss Teen Colorado is from Fruita and doesn't wear a full face of makeup on the daily. Chloe Zambrano usually opts for face powder and mascara.

Miss Teen Colorado's Tips and Tricks

Use setting spray. You use this as your last step for long lasting wear which it works really well when it's rainy. Which it was raining on and off this past weekend at Country Jam.

Miss Teen Colorado's Favorite Product

Mac lipstick. Chloe says lipstick is her favorite.

Both Miss Colorado and Miss Teen Colorado were so beautiful and sweet. I told them to come to the studio sometime and hang out. So we'll definitely be hearing more tips, tricks and more from these ladies.

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