Much like the Titanic, the new KEKB Broadcast center met with disaster on its maiden voyage. The intrepid KEKB crew including Mack, Josh, and Waylon, found themselves amidst the destruction.

Okay, so this is slightly exaggerated. We had a little fire. Unfortunately, as contained as it was, it still did damage to our brand new broadcast center provided by G.J. Gardner Homes and 84 Lumber.

The adventure began as an electrical fire which ignited a trash box just outside the broadcast center. We were busy doing a broadcast, and were completely oblivious to the fact we were ablaze.

To give your some perspective, the magnitude of the blaze was somewhere between this:

.... and this:

For the most part, it was more like the first video.

In reality, it was the port-a-potty guys who enlightened us as to our impending doom. After we vacated the broadcast center in a calm and orderly fashion, the port-a-potty guys came over and doused the flames. Insofar as what they used to extinguish the flames... we'll just leave that to your imagination. In other words, we don't know, and we don't want to know.