Colorado bears are doing one thing right now, eating. The clock strikes by late September and they go on a king-size eating binge driven by Hyperphagia. Hungry bears grow bold enough to get nice and close to humans.

If you live in areas that tend to see bears you already know the extra precautions you need to take from attracting them accidentally. One stinky trash can without a lid might be enough to draw them in.

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Huge Bear Visits Front Porch in Evergreen, Colorado

Evergreen is an area that has seen plenty of bears over the years. Places like Bear Mountain and Upper Bear Creek are nearby and give an indication that these animals have been surprising humans along this part of the front range for a long time.

Flip through the photos below to watch this big fella walk right up to the front door and then study the doorbell camera as if he knows we are watching.

Lost Colorado Bear Stops to Ask Doorbell Camera for Directions at 3 AM

Check out this huge bear caught on a doorbell camera in Evergreen, Colorado.

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