Are you enjoying all the recent rainfall in Western Colorado? I am. Check out a Grand Junction family who's really taking in the rain.

The area near Connected Lakes in Grand Junction is home to a number of Great Horned Owls. I walk these trails several times per week, but rarely see any of the owl families. As of late, they've been out and about.

Regrettably, I didn't have my camera with me during this recent hike. I did, however, have my dumb-phone, the cheapest money can buy, and was able to get a handful of photos. Do you see who's peaking out of the nest? I saw one adult and at least one young owl.

Nearby, another Great Horned Owl, I assume the male, was keeping watch over the nest. Do you see him?

Great Horned Owl Grand Junction 2
Waylon Jordan

According to Wikipedia:

Typically, great horned owls are highly sedentary, often capable of utilizing a single territory throughout their mature lives. Although some species such as snowy owls, northern saw-whet owls, long-eared and short-eared owls are true migrants, most North American owls are not migratory and will generally show fidelity to a single territory year around. In great horned owls, mated pairs occupy territories year-round and long-term.

It seems these owls really love the rain. As a matter of fact, it's the only time I see them out of the nest. This may, of course, have something to do with the fact they are nocturnal.

It's good to see the family doing well. The owls are very territorial, and the dad didn't dig me hanging around. I grabbed a couple of quick photos and moved on down the road.

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