Are you planning to attend JUCO this year? Here's your chance to avoid the parking nightmare and ride to the event for free.

Grand Junction's free local shuttle, the DASH, has expanded its operating hours for the week of the Junior College World Series. Free shuttle service will be running Saturday, May 25 through Saturday, June 1. Check it out.

DASH SERVICE Grand Junction JUCO 2019

What if your stop doesn't fall on the DASH's route? Well, if you have your JUCO ticket, you can still ride for free. All other Grand Valley Transit bus routes are offering free rides with your JUCO ticket. Please note: there is no GVT bus service on May 26 and 27.

Additional Note: Service leaving the stadium 30 minutes after the end of the last game will be provided if needed.

The DASH schedule shown above is looking pretty good right about now. Personally, I would rather go to the dentist than park at Stocker Stadium. It's crowded, and the exit on to 12th Street is going the wrong direction for me. Any opportunity to ride the bus or a shuttle to a different parking location is greatly appreciated.

JUCO is only days away. Fire up the sun screen, drink  lots of water, and have a great time. My personal recommendation would be to ride the bus (using your JUCO ticket) or the DASH. It will spare you an agonizing headache, and add the perfect touch to your JUCO experience.

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