Even if you love to hike, a virtual hike might be the best option when it comes to reaching the summit of Longs Peak near Boulder, Colorado.

In Colorado, Longs Peak is legendary. It's an extremely popular hike, with 15,000-20,000 people hitting the trail every year. It's also Colorado's most dangerous mountain peak.  According to Out There Colorado, between 2000 and 2017, there were 19 deaths on Long's. Roots Rated says that over the years,  more than 60 people have died hiking Longs Peak, which averages about 2 deaths every year. The second most deadly peak in Colorado was Maroon Bells, with 12 deaths during that period. 

Alice Ford is an avid hiker and award-winning adventure filmmaker, and she called Longs "quite possibly the scariest hike in Colorado" and "one of the most challenging solo hikes I have done."  She's an experienced hiker and she makes it look easy, but Longs Peak is far from easy.

One factor that separates the Longs Peak hike from other 14er conquests is the length of the hike - which is about 16 miles round trip. There are many different routes to the summit of Longs, some of which require technical climbing. At the very least, there is a significant amount of scrambling involved. Roots Rates says you'll have about five miles of hiking before beginning to climb. The final two miles to the summit will be as challenging as any hike you can imagine.

I enjoy some hiking, but, I have to tell you, it will be a cold day in August before you find me on a trail to the summit of Longs Peak. Having said that, it's been said about 50% of those who attempt Long's Peak never make it to the summit. It is possible to have a completely amazing hike, even without reaching the top, and there is no shame in that. So, maybe I would do a partial hike.

Personally, I am content to enjoy this hike through the lens of Alice Ford's camera. The video gives a nice overview of what the hike is like - including the beauty and the challenge. You get the full picture, and the only danger you might experience is the possibility of falling off your couch.

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