It's hard to find anything positive about the COVID-19 pandemic, but a new poll shows that it does have a silver lining.

According to, around 42% of Coloradans believe that the stay-at-home order helped them attain the perfect work/life balance.

The publication reports that lockdown has allowed Colorado residents to spend more time reading, gardening, cooking, exercising, eating breakfast, hanging out with family, and working on home improvement projects. Over half of those surveyed said the pandemic has made them more self-sufficient — this is where the breadmaking craze comes in.

The poll also noted a lack of after-work drinking sessions as a positive factor of the lockdown, although 38% of Coloradans told that they drink while working from home.

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"There's no denying the difficulties brought on by lockdown but with the fast-paced nature of life as it was, there's also no question that slowing things down has been beneficial for many of us as employees, parents, students, and people in other walks of life," said's Jamie Ellis. "It's refreshing to see that so many of us have taken these extra hours spent at home and translated it into using our time more mindfully and personally by doing enjoyable activities we never had the time for before."

While the poll didn't focus on how much people are actually working, the effects of work/life balance sound similar to those of the four-day workweek — something that has been proven successful in Iceland. 

If you want to achieve a true work/life balance, consider moving to Alaska, where 70% of residents claim to have found it. Plus, they'll pay you to live there. 

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