Everyone in Colorado lately has been talking about the wildfires, we have multiple fires across our state and thousands of brave men and women trying to get these fires contained. The Pine Gulch Fire burning 18 miles north of Grand Junction is on it's way to being the largest wildfire in the history of Colorado. Obviously, not a record that we wanted to break.

Many people around the state have asked how they can help which is amazing and truly means a lot to the staff battling the blazes. While the fire crews are set up with lots of water, sports drinks, and personal hygiene items there is still something we can do to show support. It's time to get creative and make them a sign showing support.

After seeing a post online that we can create signs and hang them at the Mesa County Fairgrounds I confirmed with their manager Kyle that this is allowed. The only requirement to hang a sign is that they must convey a positive message. No negativity will be allowed. But we are talking about 900+ people working to contain this fire that is away from their family and homes, sleeping in tents to keep us safe. We need to show our support for them.

The signs are to be hung near the second entrance (not the entrance across from City Market, instead use the one closer to 28.5 Road. If you are going to stop by with a sign please also do not put anything into the ground, just hang signs on the fence.

There are lots of supplies and many staffers visiting the fairgrounds daily so your sign will be seen and appreciated by everyone who is trying to keep us safe.

Here is a look into what life, work, and the sleeping conditions look like for the firefighters on the Pine Gulch Fire.

Pine Gulch Firefighters Living Conditions

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