It has reappeared! Little Park Road's eerie "Phantom Chair" has returned from the ethereal plane, or wherever it is ghosts hang out. In a startling turn of events, though, it has reappeared to haunt a new location!

Waylon Jordan

Okay, so the new haunting grounds are only about 30 feet from past sightings, but it still denotes a migration of sorts. No doubt you are asking yourself, "how do we know someone didn't just move it?" Good question. Please observe its previous location, where it was captured on camera just one week ago. You will note it is no longer there, and the locations shows no evidence of footprints. There you have it, conclusive proof!

Waylon Jordan

You may also be asking yourself, "does this constitute a haunting or is it just a ghost?" What's the difference, you ask? According to Stephen Wagner, who is really just some guy, the difference is as follows:

  • Ghosts are spirits that have been caught between this plane of existence and the next, and are capable of interacting with the living.
  • Hauntings are recordings of an event on an event on an environment. They do not interact with the living.

Okay, so that really doesn't help very much. The "Phantom Chair" is making itself visible to the living, but its movements go undetected. Weird, huh?

To find the mystifying "Phantom Chair," head up Little Park Road and stop at the parking area where Gunny Loops sets out. If you need to tinkle, the parking lot does have a bathroom. Leave the parking lot heading straight South. As the trail forks, keep to the right. After approximately one mile, you may encounter the enigmatic "Phantom Chair."

(For the record, there is a turnout on Little Park Road barely 100 feet from the chair, but that's no fun.)