Newcomer Lindsay Ell's 'Trippin' on Us' video make true love look pretty darn attractive.

The clip was directed by Roman White, who has been the master behind video projects for stars such as Taylor Swift, Kellie Pickler, Kelly Clarkson and more.

In the beginning of the short film, Ell is shown sleeping in a massive bed, a vase of pink roses sitting on the bedside table. Soon, viewers have an idea of who the flowers are from, and not to be cliche, but truly, three words -- tall, dark, and handsome -- sum up Ell's romantic interest.

Her boy toy has dark brown hair, just enough scruff to be completely charming and deep brown eyes that are clearly only focused on Ell. As she sprawls in bed, grinning from ear to ear, he walks around the bathroom in just a towel and hops in the shower, quite literally steaming up the footage.

They cook breakfast together, walk the mansion's grounds and show that they are high on love and each other through their affection and smiles. While the singer's good looks and catchy lyrics help draw viewers, her talented guitar playing and effortless vocals solidify her a legitimate artist.

Scenes and outfits change throughout the 'Trippin' on Us' video, but the Canadian star is most memorable with her 'bedhead' look. With tousled hair, a sheer white shirt and barely-there shorts, she's quite the beauty. But don't sell her short -- she also has the musical brains.

Ell shows off her guitar prowess in the video, ripping through an electrifying solo. She definitely proves why she's been called a "young Sheryl Crow" who can play guitar like Brad Paisley.

The guitar focus in the song was actually one of the main stipulations, according to Ell. “I’m a guitar player, so it has a lot of guitar in it,” she tells Country Weekly. “And I’ve always been told I’m this happy, smiley girl, so having a song that was positive and happy was really important to me.”

The 'Trippin' on Us' video will leave country fans feeling a little high on love -- or at least a little giddy!

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