In case you see a fawn standing alone in a field and not moving, The Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials have a suggestion for you.

Leave them alone!

In Southeastern Colorado, the Parks and Wildlife folks have had nine fawns brought to them by well-meaning folks, not realizing they have just alienated the fawn from its parents.

Once these young ones have been touched by humans, they have to be sent to a rehabilitation facility before being placed back into the wild.

People out hiking or walking through wooded areas are seeing these fawns standing or laying down and think they are injured or have been abandoned. And, while it's commendable that one would want to save the life of these young fawns most of the time the mother is close by. So if you see one, don't touch it!

CPW officials would like you to contact them in case you DO see an injured fawn. Let the officials who know what to do take care of the injured animals.

You can just feel better knowing you helped.

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