All across Colorado, Flight for Life helicopters race against time to save lives. But lately, their mission seems to be fraught with danger.

Lasers on the ground are being directed at them and it could cause serious issues, including crashing the helicopters.

Pilots and those riding with them say it's like a flashbulb going off in the cockpit when it happens, which causes them to be disoriented momentarily and causing some pilots to land early or have to take time away from the job. Federal law prohibits this action and yet night after night these crews are faced with this danger.

The Flight for Life helicopters reports them each time, and a database is being assembled according to the strikes, but finding out who is doing it isn't going to be easy.

Pilots say this happens most often in winter, usually after the holidays when people get these things as gifts and want to go try them out.

While there's nothing wrong with that, the pilots are trying to impress on the public the fact that the helicopters are something you should never shine those lasers at.

Currently, there is no state law against laser pointers, but should this continue, that will change.

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