The weather is getting beautiful outside and there is so much to do here in Western Colorado. While there is a lot to do and tons of adventures to go on, there are even more activities that are available with the Las Colonias River Park in Grand Junction.

The new Las Colonias River Park really is something special with so much to do within one area. With river access, it will be a destination throughout the summer with visitors and locals all wanting fun ways to cool down.

There is a special event that is being held this Thursday, May 27th beginning at 4:00 p.m., and the whole community is invited. The Las Colonias River Park Ribbon Cutting celebration will be lots of fun and only days away so make sure to put in on your calendar now.

What is Happening at the Las Colonias River Park Ribbon Cutting Celebration in Grand Junction?

This community event will have food trucks and ice cream for purchase. There will be kayak rentals available for anyone who wants to spend some time on the water. It's all about having fun so please dress casual and join in on the fun. The event will take place at Las Colonias Park at the Mariposa Shelter, just south of the Butterfly Pond.

Even More Details Available on Las Colonias River Park in Grand Junction

The city of Grand Junction has released more details regarding the park and the big event coming up later this week, click here.

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