Originally built to sell fossil fuels, this building was constructed of fossil wood. The has-been gas station is known as the "oldest building in the world."

In 1932, a lumber dealer by the name of William "Bill" G. Brown built the service station out of petrified wood said to be 175-million years old. The build would become a Phillips station in the town of Lamar.

Bill Brown didn't acquire the ancient wood rightfully. He pilfered the stone wood from private land that was 20 miles south of Lamar. He wasn't the only one who hijacked the fossilized foliage. According to a geologist from the area, there's not enough wood left to "build a birdhouse."

Three months after its construction, Ripley's Believe It or Not featured the gas station in an article. Inspired, Brown made a sign with the article's headline --"Petrified Wood House, Built Entirely of Wood Turned to Stone"-- which can still be seen today.

Building in Lamar Colorado Made From Oldest Wood in the World
Google Street View

Nowadays, the old service station houses offices for a used car dealership. People still visit to see the "oldest building in the world."

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