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On this week's episode of Taste of Country Nights On Demand, we had Lady A stop by the studio here in Nashville. I love these three, they are so talented and so fun to interview and be around. When they came in, the vibe was so good. Dave Haywood had on a summer Bahamas-type shirt, and they all looked relaxed and in a great head space.

One of the things I have been asking country artists lately is about their tour rider. In case you aren't familiar, a tour rider is essentially a list of items the artist requires backstage when they arrive at the venue for the show. I have gotten some great responses from artists. On last week's episode of Taste of Country Nights On Demand with Jimmie Allen, he was telling me about how he requires eight pairs of new underwear, certain size and fit required. Okay, it was only three, but it adds up show after show.

Lady A — whose new song "Summer State of Mind" is out now — didn't disappoint with their replies to what's on their tour rider either:

Hillary Scott started by saying "it's very rock star, a gallon of water for hot tea, power bars, and alcohol are the main things."

But then, the conversation took a weird turn to pork rinds. Dave said there are always pork rinds there, but they don't know why. Charles Kelley then spoke up and said that he requested them a long time ago and just has never taken it off the list, but somehow someone always ends up eating them every night. It made me laugh out loud, some of the things that they didn't know about one another, even though they spend all their time together on tour and in the studio.

It was so much fun sitting down with Lady A! Check out the whole interview, there are for sure some surprises in there for you to discover. Search for Taste of Country Nights On Demand wherever you get your favorite podcasts from, and thanks so much for listening

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