His new album "The Blue Roof Sessions" was just released at the end of October, but Kyle Park does more than just make music. This month Avid Golfer reveals that Park is, well, an avid golfer.

AG: You have a really cool, grind-it-out, work in seedy bars, pay-your-dues story at the age of 19 that most guys have in their late 20s or early 30s.

KP: Haha, yeah, I guess so. It’s funny, people come up to me after shows and say, “hey, you are really good, you should go on American Idol or something.” And I just laugh, because there is no way I could do that – to be just thrown out there in front of millions of people for a first gig, that isn’t the way I want to build a career. I mean, I’ve played for some big crowds, but then I can remember the gigs, especially early on, where we played for maybe 10 people, and half of them were my family or friends. I think doing the small dive bar thing is something all musicians should go through.

Check out the rest of AG's Q and A with KP here. Park's new single, "Come On," is out to Texas radio now.

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