As Joni Mitchell sings, "You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone," and after 2020, Kip Moore knows exactly how true that is. Being forced off the road due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has made the singer extra grateful for his life on tour, he reflects.

"I'll definitely be even more thankful for the moments that I share with the guys on the road," Moore shared with media during a recent roundtable, "those moments of magic on the stage."

Those magical moments aren't only about Moore and his band, though.

"I miss seeing an entire room that had one thing in common all coming together, and that was the record that they were coming to hear. And that those looks of happiness ... in the crowd," the singer continues. "Those are the things that I'll be even more thankful for, if we can ever get back to that."

Moore has used some of his downtime to explore the world around him and enjoy nature, too, including spending the early weeks of the pandemic at BedRock, his lodge for rock climbers and hikers in Kentucky's Red River Gorge. Those experiences, he says, have changed his perspective on how he wants to live.

"I see myself living down the road even more nomadic," Moore shares. "I now find myself researching, you know, generator capacities and things like that, and living completely off the grid."

Moore will release a deluxe version of his most recent album, Wild World, in early 2021. During the pandemic, he says he's also recorded a whole new project.

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