Kip Moore's playful spirit shines brightly in his new "She’s Mine" music video, but really, he takes a backseat to the woman — well, in this case, women — he's championing.

“Filming the video for this single is some of the most fun I’ve had shooting a music video in a long time,” Moore says. "We just got to let loose and riff-off of the incredible cast we were working with."

In the video, the Georgia native laughs and flirts with a whole range of women, from a cheerleader to a hippie to a rocker, on a bright white soundstage, all while singing the lyrics of the song that hints at his search for the right woman.

The video also features Moore riding around in his truck, sharing a dance with a lucky woman in a laundromat and eventually driving to a home where a mystery woman waits.

“I always march to the beat of my own drum, and I have always lived with a heart that’s open, so I welcome all changes in my life,” Moore told Taste of Country during a recent interview about the song, which he reveals was actually written ten years ago. “I welcome new adventures and new possibilities, and I never keep the door shut on anything.”

“She’s Mine” is from Moore’s upcoming fourth studio album and is already a crowd favorite. Moore returns to the road for the third leg of his Room to Spare: Acoustic Tour starting in October. Openers on select dates include Tucker Beathard, Devin Dawson and Kylie Morgan.

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