A handful of little kids and one great big kid enjoyed a chance to be firefighters during a training exercise with the Grand Junction Fire Department.

Last Friday, March 10, the GJFD conducted training and equipment testing at Sherwood Park in Grand Junction. It is not uncommon to see them training at this park. I had always assumed the GJFD came there to purge the water lines leading to the hydrants. It seems this is not the case. Upon speaking with the firefighters, their visits to the park consist of testing equipment and conducting training exercises.

During last Friday's training session, a number of curious kids were offered the opportunity to be a fire-fighter-in-training.

Most of the kids were of preschool age. One of the kids, though, comes in at about 6' 4" and about 220 pounds. That's KEKB's Tom Freeman auditioning to be a firefighter.

Kudos to the little guy standing directly in the line of fire. That takes guts. It looks like he's having fun, though.

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