Don't forget about this little gem. I almost did.

Now, it may not be biggest or the baddest hiking trail out there, but I found it to be quite enjoyable.

I had forgotten about Riggs Hill. Mainly because I do most of my trail running out at the Lunch Loop. So, when I had an appointment out in that area off of South Broadway I drove right by and thought 'that's right, how could I have forgotten about this place?'

I went from walking up the steep parts to jogging on the flatter areas to literally on all fours to get to the top. It was a good overall workout. And of course, the views never disappoint.

Because of it's smaller size and length, I turned it into a reverse race track. I started at the parking lot, went up Riggs Hill, then across the 'bridge' area, up to the top of the opposite side hill, then sort of wound my way back down to the parking lot. Then, I turned around and went back the complete opposite way. One trail = two completely different hikes/runs.

I'll be back and I'll see you out there.


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