Legendary author and Grand Junction resident Dalton Trumbo is busy taking the coldest bath in history. Perhaps more accurately, his likeness is busy taking an ice cold soak. Fortunately, a caring resident has taken efforts to warm Trubo's holiday.

Dalton Trumbo's statue on the corner of 7th and Main in Grand Junction, right next to the Avalon, fell victim to this morning's snow. Where some statues are concerned, the morning's snowfall created a beautiful Colorado scene. In this case, though, you have to take pitty on the likeness. This bather looks cold.

Fortunately, someone took it upon themselves to provide Trumbo with a little something to keep him warm. In this case, a couple of scarves. While most people don't typically wear a scarf while taking a bath, Trumbo is inclined to take what he can get.

While this is still a chilling scene, it's nice to know someone cared enough to try and bring a little warmth and comfort to one of our city's icons.

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