It's not uncommon for stars to sport animal skins of some sort at red carpet events like the Golden Globes, but typically that's in the form of mink furs or alligator clutches. Julianne Hough took that concept and idea to a whole other level at Sunday's (Jan. 13) event, sporting earrings made out of real beetles and stick bugs.

Usually, you don't really want bugs hanging out near your ears -- or any of the orifices in your head. But before you overdose on the "ick" factor, realize that it's all about the fashion in this case.

Hough, who was one of the evening's best-dressed in a stunning, gold-studded Monique Lluillier gown, decided to be a little edgier with her hair and her accessories. Her 'do was somewhat rock n' roll in a slicked-back bouffant, which allowed her to show off the aforementioned pair of red beetle earrings with a gold ear cuff. That's certainly the way to add some punk rock to an otherwise stunning couture ensemble.

"We created this with [jewelry designer] Daniela Villegas," Hough said. "It's an actual pair of beetle and actual stick bugs."

Villegas named the custom cuff for Hough. If for some reason you like buggy earrings, go here to check them out.

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