Are you up for a rewarding challenge?

If you think you are up to it, the Mesa County County Search and Rescue Team is taking applications for new members.

There are some qualification you must meet:

  • able to hike mountainous areas with 40 pound pack
  • flexible schedule (always on call)
  • 5 week training course
  • interview and background checks

The Mesa County Search and Rescue Team went out on around 60 rescues last year alone. These can take place anywhere on the western Slope.

Check out the different teams to choose from:

  • Mesa County Sheriff s Posse: Ground searches by horse.
  • Technical Rescue Team: Technical climbing skills for high angle rescue.
  • Mesa County Search and Rescue Ground Team: Ground search and rescue.
  • Mesa County Dive Team: Dive recovery and swift water rescue.
  • Boat Team: Jet boat search and recovery on the Colorado and Gunnison Rivers.
  • Communications Team: Provide technical staffing for all communications.
  • Snowskippers: Winter search and rescue operations with snowmobiles.
  • Western Slope ATV: Ground search and rescue with ATVs.
  • Dog Team: Provides K-9 search and rescue support.

If this sounds like something you want to do, you can pick up an application at the Mesa County Sheriff's Office located at 215 Rice Street in Grand Junction.

Or you can click here for the link. 

My mom is a member of her County's Search and Rescue team back in Wisconsin. They are the ones who bring their horses and ride and search when called upon. I'm pretty proud of her for doing that.

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