Are you looking for a job in the Grand Junction area? According to, there are approximately 129 jobs available in the Grand Junction area at the time of this writing on September 2nd,2018.

According to, there are over 1000 jobs available in the Grand Junction area. If you search google there are over 100 jobs available in the Grand Junction area.

There seems to be an array of employment everything from cashiers, customer service representatives, delivery drivers, sales associates, nurses, mechanics, and managers. Technical jobs and jobs that will train you.

The job market seems to be strong if you look at the past and compare it to the present Grand Junction, Colorado.
In 2014 the unemployment rate was 9.5, in 2015 it was 7.3 in 2016 it was 7.9 in 2017 it was 5.2, and now we are at 3.8.

Grand Junction's unemployment rate for July is 3.8%.

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