Jason Aldean says he didn't truly begin to heal from what he witnessed at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas until his tour wrapped and he had time to process it all.

The "You Make It Easy" singer took nearly a week off after the Oct. 1 shooting in Las Vegas, but it took much more than that to start moving forward. It's a process that's ongoing for him, his family, the other artists in attendance and the thousands affected by a tragedy that took 58 lives.

"It happened, and then immediately you know, you go into try to deal with it. You gotta play shows, people are wanting to interview you and talk about it. I just didn't want to talk about it at the time," Aldean tells Ty, Kelly and Chuck's Ty Bentli during an interview that mostly focused on Aldean's new single and Rearview Town album, but also his new baby and touring again after witnessing the shooting. He was onstage, performing a headlining set when shots rang out.

The High Noon Neon Tour will begin in May and Aldean seems ready to get back to normal. The 40-year-old is excited about it and has found some perspective.

"Out of all the shows I've played, all the years I've been out on the road," he starts, "for that to happen that time, I mean, I know that's not normal. That's the thing I keep trying to tell myself. It's probably not gonna ever happen again."

Lauren Alaina and Luke Combs will join Aldean on the road this spring, summer and fall. Combs was also in Las Vegas during the shooting. Aldean admits that while he's happy the victims are being honored at the 2018 Grammy Awards, it will be difficult to watch.

"For me personally, it was pretty tough to go through that, so I don't really wanna dwell on it," Aldean tells the syndicated morning show. "I have to, like everybody else that was there, sort of have to move on with my life. It's a little tough at times when it's sort of a constant reminder of things like that. It's just a tough thing."

"I really appreciate the fact that they're at least acknowledging that."

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