You know you're really good at your job when you write and direct movies for the two biggest comic book companies in the entire world (meaning of course, Marvel & DC).

Director James Gunn is still working for both brands, but recently took the time off to marry his longtime girlfriend, actress Jennifer Holland (who currently stars in her hubby's show, Peacemaker), on Dunbar Ranch, located in Aspen, Colorado.

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The guestlist was enough to match any Hollywood red carpet event, which included many of Gunn's movie collaborators (like John Cena, Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Karen Gillan, and even Dr. Anthony Faucci), but the ranch is actually owned by Yellowstone star, Kevin Costner.

As stunning as the bride and groom looked (and the beautiful outdoor atmosphere), in true Colorado fashion, a large bull moose crashed the beginning of the wedding. Gunn shared video footage of the moose and a few photos of the wedding to his official Instagram account, along with the caption that read:

Gunn is probably most known for writing and directing both "Guardians of the Galaxy" films (and is currently working on the third), for Marvel, plus writing and directing "The Suicide Squad"  and "Peacemaker" for DC.

The wedding looked wonderful and much to my surprise, none of the famous guests tried to approach the animal.

People are learning.

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