While Colorado is famous for its ski industry, in order for the state's many ski resorts to have a successful season, it takes a chilly and snowy winter.

Because of the cold winter temperatures Colorado experiences, heating and electric bills can be a little frightening, even if all you're doing is keeping the inside of your house warm.

Luckily, we've discovered some brilliant lifehacks using household items like candles, flower pots, soap, and even vodka to make your Colorado winter a little less painful.

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Colorado Winter Life Hack: Light Candles

This one's really straightforward - to save money on heat and electricity light some candles, which can be extremely inexpensive depending on where you buy them.

Colorado Winter Life Hack: Make a Flower Pot Heater

While you've got the candles at your disposal, you can save even more money on heating your home by making a nifty homemade heater using a terra cotta flower pot and one of your inexpensive candles. Be sure to keep an eye on your creation as it could be a fire hazard, but you can learn how to build your own below.

Colorado Winter Life Hack - Waterproof Your Shoes

Picture this, you walk out into your yard wearing your favorite Chuck Taylor shoes only to find them drenched after stepping into a few inches of snow. Here's where your trusty candles come in handy again, as you can melt candle wax onto your canvas shoes to waterproof them.

Colorado Winter Life Hack - Vodka De-Icer

Finally, you can easily de-ice your windows using a homemade concoction that will undoubtedly come in handy on those chilly winter mornings. According to Homesteading.com, if you take a gallon jug and fill it with eight ounces of vodka, one ounce of liquid soap, and the rest with water, you'll have your very own de-icing fluid that you can use in a pinch.

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