We've all heard of urban legends like Bigfoot, the chupacabra, and maybe even the lesser-known Navajo Skinwalkers which are said to have a presence right here in Colorado.

However, there's one much lesser-known mythical creature with roots in the Centennial State with a backstory so outrageous, it makes Bigfoot and others seem much more plausible.

Keep scrolling to learn about Colorado's mythical Slide Rock Bolter.

Colorado's Mythical Slide Rock Bolter

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According to legend, the Slide Rock Bolter was a huge, whale-like creature that once occupied the mountainous regions in Colorado.

It was said to have a big, fish-like head, small beady eyes, a long tail, and hooks used to climb up and down mountains.

While it was said to resemble a marine animal, the Slide Rock Bolter's story was set exclusively in the mountains where it would maneuver itself around with its own saliva as lubrication, as well as its claws.

The main prey of the creature was said to be groups of tourists and sightseers that climbed the large mountains in which it called home. The creature was not a fan of these out-of-towners and, according to legend, would ambush them and swallow them up.

While it's likely that this creature was probably made up to scare tourists, the legend also includes a story of its demise which took place after a local park ranger became fed up with the attacks.

This park ranger is said to have created a sort of scarecrow dressed like a tourist, complete with a flannel shirt and safari shorts, filled with dynamite. Legend says that the creature took the bait and blew itself up, leaving its remains for the vultures.

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