Colorado has always been known as an outdoor playground; a paradise for those who love activities like fishing, hiking, four-wheeling, and of course, camping.

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However, not everyone enjoys "roughing it" as much as others, and consequently, a fairly new, more luxurious form of camping has become increasingly popular across the Centennial State. This more glamorous type of camping, commonly known as "glamping," has taken off.

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One exceptional locale for glamping in Colorado is located in the southwestern portion of the state and is home to what are known as the Pagosa River Domes.

Pagosa River Domes: One of Colorado's Best Glamping Spots

As the name suggests, the Pagosa River Domes are located just outside of the picturesque Colorado town of Pagosa Springs, right along the river.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The glamping resort is nestled between Colorado Highway 160 and the Pagosa River and consists of 14 spacious, beautiful, and luxurious domes.

Each dome features all of the amenities necessary for a proper glamping experience including a large bed, plenty of comfortable indoor seating, a full bathroom that includes a shower, a kitchenette, and copious windows to give glampers excellent views of the surrounding scenery right from the comfort of their bed.

In addition, the domes are equipped with ample ventilation, heat, and electricity, and are even handicap accessible.

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If you want to experience the great outdoors in one of the most favored areas of Colorado but don't want to deal with campfire smoke, bug spray, and the slim possibility of being visited by a bear, the Pagosa River Domes might just be a perfect alternative.

Keep scrolling to take a virtual tour of this popular Colorado glamping spot:

Have a Glamorous Stay at One of Colorado’s Best Glamping Spots

Take a virtual tour of the Pagosa River Domes, one of the best glamping spots in Colorado.

Gallery Credit: Nate Wilde

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