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This winter has been pretty brutal all across Colorado already, especially for Coloradans struggling with homelessness. Unfortunately, a non-profit Colorado homeless shelter is now without heat and water after the severe temperatures caused the building's pipes to freeze.

About the Colorado Homeless Shelter

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The homeless shelter was started by David Clifton in the Denver suburb of Lakewood, Colorado. Clifton, the founder of David Clifton Ministries as well, experienced homelessness himself at a time in his life and promised that if he could get back on his feet, he'd make it a goal to help others who have found themselves in a similar situation.

Currently, the shelter can accommodate roughly 20 people in need, but now it's the shelter that needs help.

Colorado Homeless Shelter is Without Heat + Water

Unfortunately, on Sunday, January 14th, the brutal freezing temperatures that much of Colorado saw overnight caused some of the pipes to burst resulting in ceiling damage and leaving the building and its residents without water or heat.

Clifton is reaching out to the community in search of carpenters, plumbers, and anyone else who can help get the organization back on its feet.

Not only does the organization provide a place to stay for those experiencing homelessness, but David Clifton Ministries also provides those in need with things like blankets, clothes, food, showers, and more.

The non-profit organization is also run solely by volunteers who take no salary but instead help the shelter and those in need out of the goodness of their hearts.


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