It's no secret that Colorado's wilderness is nothing short of magical, but one explorer believes that he found something that could actually be magical in a literal sense.

So what did he find, and could it really be something mythical as he seems to believe? Keep scrolling to learn more about what a dolmen is, and decide for yourself whether or not one was found in the Colorado mountains.

What is a Dolmen?

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The structure that the explorer believes himself to have found is known as a dolmen, but what exactly is that?

You're probably familiar with England's Stonehenge monument, and the rocks stacked on top of one another there are considered to be dolmens. Dolmens are also known as portal tombs and in addition to being in England, have been found all over Western Europe, Russia, Korea, and Indonesia.

In addition, some say that dolmens have metaphysical powers and are a portal to another dimension. So, did this explorer really find one in Colorado?

Are These Dolmens in Colorado?

Our explorer says that he found these stacked rocks while on a hike in Colorado's Sasquatch Forest, but doesn't give much further detail as to their location.

The rocks were found in a beautiful area filled with boulders, and some of them are in fact stacked atop one another to resemble the historical description of actual dolmens.

One thing is for sure, and that is that the man wasn't transported to another dimension, but you can see what he found in the Colorado wilderness and decide for yourself whether they're actually dolmens or just examples of Colorado's natural beauty:

What is a Dolmen and Did this Guy Find One in Colorado?

A man exploring the Colorado wilderness may have found what some consider to be a dolmen, but what exactly is that?

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