If you're familiar with Colorado history, you're likely already aware of John "Doc" Holliday's ties to Colorado. One town in particular, Glenwood Springs, is not just home to the mysterious gravesite of the famous outlaw, but you'll find all kinds of other things around town centered around him.

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In fact, there is an entire museum dedicated to the gunslinger right in the heart of town which shares the space with a western apparel store as well as a lot of taxidermy.

Museum Dedicated to Colorado Outlaw + Taxidermy

Bullock's Western Wear is located at 732 Grand Avenue in Glenwood Springs and is a partner of the Glenwood Springs Historical Society which at one point in time, desired space for a museum dedicated to Doc Holliday.

In the museum, you'll find plenty of portraits, an old card table, numerous old-timey guns including Holliday's famous Derringer, and plenty of other historical memorabilia from the old west.

The museum takes up the lower level of the building, while the top level is a much different but no less interesting sight. It's here that you'll find taxidermied animals all around the room.

The collection of taxidermy includes numerous bears, wolves, big cats, Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep, mountain goats, antelope, moose, elk, and even a bear skin rug.

Not only does the establishment containing the museum, apparel store, and room filled with taxidermy serve as an educational setting, but it's also exciting.

Keep scrolling to check out the Doc Holliday Museum inside Bullock's Western Wear in the heart of Glenwood Springs, Colorado:

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