Driving an 18-wheeler certainly isn't the easiest job, and sometimes it can even be dangerous. Being a trucker requires a lot of windshield time and a lot of stops in unfamiliar places, sometimes for the entire night.

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Because of the nature of the job, it's understandable that truckers stick together like they do, offering help to their fellow drivers often.

One recent example of this has gone viral; a list of truck stops across the nation that fall under the category of "do not stop," and four of these truck stops are in Colorado.

Which Colorado Truck Stops Are On the Don't Stop List?

The viral "do not stop" list for truck drivers lists the following Colorado truck stops as places to avoid:

Love's #906, I-270 Exit 2A, Commerce City, CO 80022

Pilot Travel Center #316, I-70 Exit 276A, Denver, CO 80216

TA Commerce City #5070, I-70/I-270 Exit 27B (Quebec Street), Commerce City, CO 80022

Flying J #619, I-70 Exit 285 (South), Aurora, CO 80011

So, why are truckers advised to avoid these particular truck stops?

What Lands a Colorado Truck Stop on the Don't Stop List?

Despite landing on the list, these establishments are likely perfectly safe for motorists, and even truck drivers, but the latter should be a little more cautious than usual.

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All of the truck stops on the list have gained a spot there due to an abundance of theft from semi-trailers. These crimes are typically caused by organized crime groups and the list makes note of the truck stops that have been targeted lately.

Check out the full list here.

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