It seems more and more people are moving to Colorado. If you ask those born here, they would like you to stay out. That's not going to keep people from moving to our beautiful state, no matter what you say.

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Why Are So Many People Moving to Colorado?

People see the beauty, ample recreation opportunities, and they just want to be here.

What their not aware of are the issues we face on a day-to-day basis.

I-70 is a mess. All. The. Time. Traffic going into the mountains is constantly at a standstill -- you're either going seven or zero. Then, winter comes around and it's either shut down due to snow, or accident-ridden because no one knows how to drive in snow.

Regardless, that's not going to stop people from coming into our lovely state.

It Really Is Expensive to Live in Colorado

So expensive. It takes $53,374 a year to just live. LIVE. That's not including all the fun stuff you'll want to do. Skiing is expensive. Mountain biking is expensive. Concerts are expensive.

If you want a place to stay, and who doesn't, a two-bedroom apartment will cost you around 1,500 a month -- depending on where you live.

And houses are through the roof -- pun intended. The median home price in Colorado is almost $550,000. Over half a million, are you kidding?

Colorado Just Keeps Growing and Growing

Despite this, the Colorado population continues to grow. It has slowed a bit in recent years.

In 2010, Colorado's population was 5,047,539 people. Today it's 5,877,610. A 16% growth in 14 years.

For the big cities, Denver was 600,158 in 2010. Now, it's at 713,252. A 19% growth. Colorado Springs in 2010 was 416,427. Now, it's 486,248. A 17% growth.

We're sure we'll continue to see people flocking into the state. We'll just have to get used to it.

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