One of the biggest 4th of July Celebrations in all of Colorado is the Greeley Stampede, which is rolling along at Island Grove Park. We've been counting down the top five best things about the event, and this thing lands at number one for the second year in a row.

What Are The Best Things About The Greeley Stampede This Year?

Big Rob TSM
Big Rob TSM

The Greeley Stampede is a summer tradition that spans decades in some families. There are so many amazing things about the Stampede from the food, rodeos, free live entertainment, shopping and so much more.

The concerts though are a huge part of the Greeley Stampede, and this year's line-up has been fantastic so far! Over the weekend we saw T.I., Chris Young, and We the Kingdom. Still to come is Cheap Trick, Shane Smith, and a Sold Out Old Dominion show.

What Is The #1 Best Thing about the Greeley Stampede?

Big Rob TSM
Big Rob TSM

It's always hard to do these lists because so many things could be in the Top 5, and the top spot could also be many things, but just beating out the Stampede Rodeos for the top spot for the second year in a row, are the Stampede concerts.

This year's concerts have been so much fun so far, and with three shows still to go, people are hyped! Old Dominion, who plays Saturday night as the final big arena show of the 2024 Stampede, is completely sold out.

The big new beautiful stage that they debuted last year has been fantastic again this season so far and helped them dial up the sound and lights presentation too. The final three shows this season are all going to be awesome.

One of the best things about the shows is the Superstars + Concert Package, where you get a ticket to every concert at the Stampede. It's truly made these summer shows the most affordable family fun in the state, possibly the country.

The Greeley Stampede continues this week and will wrap up this Sunday, July 7th, with their annual Demolition Derby!

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