Hiking in Colorado is one of the best ways to take in the state's beauty. When a good hike takes you to a beautiful destination, that's all the better.

If you haven't headed to the Glenwood Springs area and done the hike to Hanging Lake, it is something that you need to put on your list. The trail can be difficult at times, but when you arrive, it really is amazing.

Hanging Lake, a National Natural Landmark, is a wonder to behold. It exists because the lake bed dropped away from the valley floor above, caused by a geologic fault. When you get to the lake, all you know is that it's wonderful.

Things to Know About the Hike to Hanging Lake

  • It's steep - a 1,000-foot incline over 1.2 miles.
  • It can be technical; wear proper hiking shoes, and water.
  • No cell service in the area.
  • No Drones, no pets, allowed.

I've done the hike to Hanging Lake and can attest that it's not for those who might think it's an "easy hike to a pretty lake."

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It's not for those wearing only sandals or those who haven't done at least a moderate hike, before.

2024 Renovations Planned for Hanging Lake Trail

Throughout the summer and into fall of 2024, they'll be working on needed repairs and renovations the trail needs from damage that was done in 2021 after catastrophic debris flows.

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What You Can Expect About Hiking Hanging Lake in 2024

The trail will be closed Monday through Friday throughout construction as well as some weekends once they begin working on bridge replacements.

With that, it's important to remember that you need a reservation to hit the trailhead, which you can do through Glenwood Springs HERE.

Speaking of the bridge replacements, there are seven bridges on the trail to Hanging Lake, which reminds me of that Eagles tune.

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