Casa Bonita officially re-opened in Denver, Colorado, back in May of 2023, but it's incredibly tricky to get a reservation. We finally got ours and couldn't wait to check it out. How was our trip to the "new & improved" Colorado icon?

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Casa Bonita In Denver, Colorado, Now Open

Big Rob, Townsquare Media
Big Rob, Townsquare Media

The iconic Casa Bonita opened its doors in Denver, Colorado, back in 1974 and continued to operate until the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 forced the restaurant to close its doors.

After the COVID closure, Casa Bonita filed for bankruptcy in April of 2021, and the future of this historic landmark didn't look good at all. That is, until a couple of heroes from "South Park, Colorado," came along to save the day.

After over a year of renovations and upgrades, the South Park duo finally opened the doors to this once again iconic Colorado restaurant in May of this year. It's still an email invite-only/reservation system currently, and after months of waiting, we finally received our "Golden Ticket" to check out the newly updated Casa Bonita. Here's how our experience this week went, with a full review after the picture tour.

Colorado's Casa Bonita Worth The Money? Full Review With Pix

Yes, Casa Bonita is back, and better than ever. It's truly remarkable how they were able to re-do so much, yet it still felt just as "homey" as it has all these years. They didn't take away the things that made Casa Bonita the Colorado, and now the worldwide icon that it is. Let me start with the look... It looks fantastic. They nailed the upgrades and renovations. The service was phenomenal. The entertainment was fantastic as well. The food? We'll get to that... But allow us to take you inside and give you a sneak peek at the Colorado Icon that is, Casa Bonita!

Gallery Credit: Big Rob TSM

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